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David Krynauw grew up in one of the largest forestry regions in South Africa. Being constantly surrounded by trees and timber, he developed an immense passion for the medium and started experimenting with it from a young age. In 2008, David decided to start his own furniture manufacturing business on his family farm in Piet Retief. His business grew steadily, and he moved to Johannesburg where he developed his own design language and method, enabling him to create anything – from a chair to a building – using parts and joining them in ingenious ways.

Krynauw’s work pushed the boundary in every possible way, and there is more to
his designs than meets the eye. His attention to detail in the way his pieces are designed and created offers evidence of the mastery he holds over his craft. The accolades he has won creating bespoke wooden décor throughout a distinguished career speak volumes for the high regard in which he is held by the international design community.

He now employs around 60 people, creating a wide variety of furniture pieces and architectural structures. David’s simplistic approach, ongoing passion, energy and love for his medium and craft is what sets him apart. Sustainable craftsmanship with considered curves.

Available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand through Enjoy Living.

David Krynauw Furniture Designer and Manufacturer

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