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Candle Dimensions

Uyuni Outdoor Lantern 30252

30252 Outdoor LED Lantern NEW
Weather Resistant White ABS Plastic Candle in Glass Dome
Matte Black
10cm X 10cm X 22.7cm
ABS & Glass

Uyuni Outdoor Lantern Handle 30253
30253 Metal Holder NEW
Metal Holder for Outdoor Lantern
Matte Black
10cm x 34cm

Exclusively designed for your Uyuni LED Lantern, the Uyuni Lantern Metal Holder creates a hanging functionality and aesthetic, letting you hang your lantern to create the perfect setting. With brushed-steel and elegant curves, it complements the contemporary design of the ionic Uyuni LED Lantern.

Uyuni Outdoor Lantern Spike 30254

30254 Three Level Spike NEW
Metal Three Level Spike for Outdoor Lantern
Matte Black
2cm x 94cm

The perfect outdoor accessory to make your Uyuni LED Lantern a standout feature in your garden. The brushed-steel Lantern Spike will hold your Lantern sturdy while complementing the simple and minimalist aesthetic of the LED Lantern design.

Uyuni Outdoor Lantern 30255

30255 Plastic Wall Mount NEW
Plastic Wall Mount for Outdoor Lantern
Matte Black
12.5cm x 6cm

Showcase your Uyuni LED Lantern on any inside or outside wall in your home with the functional Uyuni Lantern Wall Mount. Splash-proof and sturdy, this Lantern accessory is a stylish addition to your collection.

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