Proudly entering our 15th year, Enjoy Living presents Uyuni Lighting, the only comprehensive collection of more than one hundred luxury flameless candles in Australia and New Zealand. Launching a new curation of stunning shapes and profiles, and a price reduction across sixteen designs, including our entire collection of UV weather resistant outdoor candles, it’s no wonder hotels, restaurants, event planners, retailers and the discerning homewares consumer asks for Uyuni by name.

Enjoy the journey

“I’ve had a lifelong passion for the ambience that can only come from candlelight. From the ripe old age of 13 our Sunday family dinners were by candlelight. I was always mesmerized by the beautiful romantic ambience candles brought to our table.

My love affair with candles continued to the day I married David, and our wedding was lit by an abundance of beautiful candles. So special was the evening that I kept all the candles, and they have never been lit since, capturing forever a moment in time of a fabulous night.

In December 2009, I was sent some samples of real wax, flameless candles by an associate from the USA, who was looking for a distributor. I remember thinking ‘sure, feels real, but honestly, who would want a fake candle?’.

At the time, our little boy was 5, and we had stopped using candles since his birth, afraid for his safety. That evening we placed a couple of flameless candles on the mantlepiece above the fireplace and set the timer to 6 hours. I caught myself during the course of the evening glancing over at the candles, honestly thinking they looked like they were really burning. Later that evening, I walked towards them to blow them out, and stopped in my tracks when I realised what I was doing. I looked around to see if my husband had seen me because I was so embarrassed. I was still sceptical and walked backwards down the hallway, keeping my eye on the candles, wondering if I should really be turning them off before going to bed. The very next night I went to blow them out again, and that is when I realised that this was truly something special. I knew Enjoy Flameless Candles were going to be a big part of our lives. In January 2010, we became the Australasian distributor.

A year later, through a series of events, we ended up owning the company and started our own manufacturing journey. In the 10 years as Enjoy Lighting, we proudly sold more than 500,000 candles worldwide. Today as Enjoy Living, with pride and unwavering passion, we vow to continue bringing the very best, most reliable, and aesthetically appealing products. Now, it will not just be flameless candles, we will fill your spaces with our own uniquely curated style of homewares and furniture.” -Lisa Carrick

Lisa, a former Buyer and Business Manager for the Coles-Myer Group, traversed the world for inspiration before developing their unique and fashionable, authentic hand-made wax candles. Humbled that her passion for enjoying flameless candles has grown into a worldwide sensation, Lisa delights that each candle casts dancing shadows just like a real flame, without compromising safety or seductive ambience.

While celebrating their 13th year, Lisa has David have taken the plunge to embrace her lifelong passion for home styling. Sourcing and developing carefully curated homewares and furniture, together they bring you a collection of pieces to truly inspire your space.

Enjoy Living Co-Founder and CEO, Lisa Carrick.

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