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Jul 5, 2022Media

To celebrate 10 years of lighting up the world with beautiful flameless candles, Enjoy Lighting stepped onto the world stage as Enjoy Living, with a plan to expand into homewares and furniture.

Embracing its love and passion for interiors, the company wanted to share its ever-growing curation of beautiful and functional pieces designed to embody todays’ relaxed elegant lifestyle.

After much excited anticipation, Enjoy Living is delighted to present these coveted EKTA interior styling pieces, arriving in Australia in August. And this is just the beginning…

Nguni Heads by John Vogel

With a Scandi style aesthetic and hand carved from ash wood, the design of the Nguni Heads was inspired by the horns of the indigenous Nguni cattle that wander the South African coastline. The horns have a minimalist appeal and can be used as a feature piece of wall art or as a functional wall hook with a twist.

Adored for their artful versatility, Nguni Heads adorn the walls of many stylists’ homes. Visually stunning as a single feature and spectacular when hung as a series, the small and medium Nguni Heads are available in both natural and ash black.

The small Nguni Head measures 22×19.5x4cm and the medium size measures 45x37x6cm.

FireKeeper by Knud Holscher

Crafted from stainless steel with a matt black textured finish and measuring a commanding 67cm in length, the FireKeeper is an attractive and ingenious tool for starting and tending fires in woodburning stoves, open fireplaces and outdoor grills.

The idea comes from the American Indians who discovered how to invigorate a fire by blowing into the embers through a tube. The ‘fire keeper’ was the person who stayed behind in the camp while others went hunting or gathering food.

The FireKeeper can be used as a fire blower as well as a poker. It performs the same function as a traditional bellows as it allows you to blow air through the tube directly into the embers. When not in use, the impressive sized FireKeeper can be displayed on its magnetic holder attached to the wall next to the fireplace and appreciated as a form of art.

Holmes Table by David Krynauw

The precision of Krynauw’s design aesthetic meets an intriguing connective illusion in these stunning side tables. Crafted from oak with a glass tabletop, the Danish aesthetic is wholly present in the simplicity of the lines and forms that make up the design. The connective intricacies of the table legs add an element of intrigue and character. Nest or style separately, available in dark smoke, it’s recommended to pre-order as quantities are limited and are strictly trade only. 

The smaller of the two measures 50x45x50cm, while the medium Holmes Table measures 44x56x44cm.

EKTA’s motto ‘we don’t waste our earth’s valuable raw materials… rather, we stay true to their fundamental natural beauty’ beautifully echoes through these unique products, which promise to be the talking point of any home for both their beauty and practicality.

Be the first to experience the best of Scandinavian design with Enjoy Living at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne, Stand JJ25.

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