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Mar 6, 2020Announcements, Media Releases


Indah Island are showcasing the much anticipated Toodyay Farm – a home that they have been renovating and building on the next Ready Set Reno! The home is created to showcase Hampton style and décor to builders, designers and consumers over Australia. They will be promoting and advertising this home for many years to come and holding specialty events.


Over 2 years, this home will be featured in top magazine editorials and will be filmed for interior design shows and showcased on the Indah Island youtube channel to educate and promote brands as they give advice on what products to use and why, to the consumers.

Home Beautiful
Our Uyuni 3D wick pillars in all sizes were featured throughout the home for the Home Beautiful shoot which took place early March..

BEST HOUSES AUSTRALIA will be shooting toward the end of March.

EDITORS OF AUSTRALIAN MAGAZINES luncheon media event will be in May.

There will also be multiple cross over shoots at this time as many other major brands undertake their own campaigns simultaneously and will release throughout the year. This will ensure cross pollination, and the audiences of multiple brands will be introduced to the brands featured.

We have SECURED deliverables as a result of this ongoing media opportunity across 2 years of:

  • Images to use across all our social and media platforms and PR
  • Social handles and credits will be offered on all images
  • 3D walk through on Indah Island of the home, where consumers can click on a product and be sent direct to website.
  • Blogs, live stories and acknowledgements.

This opportunity is a wonderful showcase of our Uyuni candles, generating fantastic media that will excite designers, consumers and our wonderful retailers.

Indah Island speaks to 149K+ people across the web every month, 173K impressions, 800K readers weekly and have 160K Instagram following.

Natalee Bowen, founder of Indah Island, has been in the design industry for over 20 years. Indah Island has been commissioned both Australia wide and internationally. Natalee’s work has received many industry awards and is now featured in many magazines, social media and TV programs such as Dream Homes, Ready Set Reno, Luxury Homes Revealed, Best Houses Australia, and Through the Front Gate.

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