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Jul 26, 2022Media, New Products

After a long hiatus, colour finally makes its way back into the Uyuni fold.

The arrival of Enjoy Living’s highly anticipated Limited Edition Lifestyle Palette of Matte Black, Textured Sandstone and Metallic Gold will give Australian retailers pre-order access to this curated colour collection designed to complement the most stylish of homes and settings.

Arriving in September, the new colour of Sandstone is the first of the 2022/2023 Lifestyle Palette to grace our shores. In a new textured finish, a pop of earthy hue sees Sandstone make its mark, channelling the colour palette of taupe beige for an on-point highlight accent.

Sandstone: 7.8×10.1cm, 7.8×15.2cm and 7.8×20.3cm

Arriving in October, anchoring the collection is the much requested and beyond stunning new textured Matte Black in three sizes, more organic in texture than the Sandstone, designed to complement each other well.

Textured Black: 7.8×10.1cm, 7.8×15.2cm and 7.8×20.3cm

Smooth Black: 2 Pack Tapers 1.9x25cm each

Also arriving in October, the hand painted textured Metallic Gold returns after a sell out in its first week last year, with a new votive size making its debut.

Textured Metallic Gold: 5×7.6cm (aka votive), 7.8×10.1cm and 7.8×15.2cm

The addition of these divine colours to the incredibly popular Nordic White and Classic Ivory allows depth and dimension in candle styling never seen before, truly allowing customers to personalise every occasion. Reflective of a sophisticated yet casual lifestyle, these colours will add visual interest without dominating the room.

Inspired by the Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia, famous for crystal clear night skies and stars that shine brighter than just about anywhere else on earth, Uyuni flameless candles will have you seeing candles in a new light. In a world where trends come and go, timeless styling and elegance is here to stay.  

The beautifully hand-crafted real wax flameless candles are all remote enabled, with timer and dimmer options. Handmade and hand poured from virgin paraffin wax, and beautifully presented in European designed packaging, these stunning candles sell off the shelves—time and time again.

It is no wonder retailers say these are Enjoy Living’s best-selling flameless candles ever. Better yet, this new Limited Edition Lifestyle Palette collection gives retailers the opportunity to offer their customers who have already fallen in love with Uyuni a reason to add more flameless candles to their candlescapes. 

With the most comprehensive collection of luxury flameless candles in Australia, Enjoy Living has cemented its reputation as being the destination for all things flameless.

Be sure to visit Enjoy Living at Reed Gift Fairs Melbourne, Stand JJ25, for a sneak peak of all the colours available in this collection.

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