Record Orders for Enjoy Lighting at AGHA Sydney 2019

Feb 28, 2019Media

As CEO and co-founder of Enjoy Lighting, I’m taking some time to reflect on the week that was… the launch of our new Enjoy Lux Collection took us back to the headiness and craziness of our very first trade fair in Sydney 2010, when the words flameless and candles were rarely strung together in the same sentence, if ever at all.

Being a pioneer is not always easy. Where seeing was still not quite believing. But now, nine years on, we want to take this opportunity to once again thank our loyal customers who placed a record number of orders with us at the AGHA Sydney Gift Fair.

Such a significant week for our company. Not only was it a record event for the number of new customers who seemed to see us for the very first time, it was also a record for the number of orders written by returning customers, who seemed to see us with new fresh eyes. It was also a company record for the number of orders written at a Sydney trade fair and, in fact, at any trade fair where we have exhibited. To say we are still pinching ourselves with delight is an understatement.

So what did our customers love? Well the majority fell in love with our new Enjoy LUX Signature collection, a remote enabled, 3D wick real wax flameless candle design that offers more than 800 hours of ambient mood lighting even though its only powered by two AA batteries. They absolutely fell in love with our most stunning triple wick candle, a massive 15cm high by 15 cm wide, still only powered by two AA batteries. With an RRP of a very respectable $109, many even commented that you’d be hard pressed to find a traditional candle this size and stature for that price. The triple wick candle was no doubt our impact piece.

There was a lot of love shown to all three colours we offered, with Nordic White smooth, Classic Ivory smooth and Ivory Lava being coveted by retailers and event planners alike. The new lava texture was particularly well received with its vesicular texture taking inspiration from a variety of igneous volcanic rock formations formed by mother nature herself. And the remote option with four timer functions and three brightness levels certainly was attention grabbing.

They loved the new look votives that gave another option to building a candlescape when height or footprint restrictions apply. And they loved the wax tapers with built in eight hour timer, and so many thought they were so realistic we even had security on our stand many times to check we weren’t really burning a taper candle against a wooden decorator piece.

Not surprisingly, there were many customers who loved our Platinum collection, which is the cornerstone of our offering. Many retailers will run both the LUX and the Platinum collections as they offered two very distinct aesthetics, in both functionality and form.

Lastly thank you to the many that are still smashing our inbox with enquiries for price lists and look books. We promise we will answer each and every one of your emails. And thank you to the many who worked tirelessly behind the scenes to bring this event to fruition. As an Australian family business, your support means the world to us. With love and light, Lisa.

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