The Secret to Enjoy’s Candle Success – Gift Guide Feature

Aug 13, 2019Media

A heartfelt thank you to all our existing customers, old friends, new clients and just the curious, after what was a whirlwind never been done before three trade fairs in three weeks. When we didn’t think it could get any better or bigger, you surprised us all and surpassed all our expectations in the way in which you embraced our new technology and stunning new packaging, whilst remaining loyal to our existing signature candles, the cornerstone of our business.

After a record trade fair at Décor + Design, coupled by the very successful No Vacancy Expo where every face was a new friend and 100 per cent of the leads were new, followed by a smashing trade fair at AGHA Melbourne Gift Fair last week, we are certainly feeling both blessed and excited about what lies ahead as we stare down our 10th anniversary.

At Enjoy Lighting, a proud Australian company, we are renowned for creating realistic flameless candles that are economical as well as stunning, offering ambience without the mess, easy to use and safe.

Working alongside our master candle makers and clever product developers, we’ve blended artistry and technology to create two mesmerisingly realistic designs; our Signature Enjoy Platinum Collection, loved around the world, featuring the perfect melted top edge, with light emanating through the core of the candle, and our recently launched Uyuni Lighting Collection, with a 3D wick, our new generation remote enabled patented design. Handcrafted in Vietnam, both designs are safer than a real candle, made from 100 per cent virgin paraffin wax and hand poured by artisans using age-old techniques.

But Uyuni in its new deluxe packaging with silver foil embossing no doubt stole the show.

So why Uyuni? The Uyuni Salt Flats in Bolivia are famous for its crystal-clear night skies where the stars shine brighter than just about anywhere else on earth. Uyuni candles bring a sense of these distant galaxies right into your home with gently flickering lights illuminating the dark and creating a restful and inviting ambience.

Inspired by the beauty of nature and the mystery of the night, these beautiful hand-crafted battery-operated luxury flameless candles are all remote enabled, with timer and dimmer options, allowing you to personalise every occasion. And our highly functional and aesthetically versatile 3D Wick design, inspired by timeless styling and elegance, is now presented in new European inspired packaging to match. And you loved it all!

Uyuni Lighting is offered across an extended collection of 10 design elements, seven of which are pillars, including the popular and impressive triple-wicked 15x15cm candle, created for maximum styling impact. The newest additions to this collection are, in an Australian first, all remote enabled, and include two different height tapers, our perennially beautiful Christmas Tree candle standing at a commanding 20cm tall (unofficially sold out), and the most incredible tea light the world has ever seen.

With the distinct value add of the Uyuni Lighting design looking good from anywhere you stand in the room, we’ve truly got your styling requirements covered.

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